Thunder, like the ROAR of a thousand lions broke out in the sky and the blinding force of lightning struck the earth beneath. A great secret was hidden here. Evil was waiting with it’s greedy lustful eyes to lay it’s hands upon a Great Power, but the nearer it came, the farther it went. With utter disbelief and uncontrollable anger, Asura realized the truth – Mahaveer was still alive!!!

Mahaveer was born to one of the greatest kings the people had ever seen. His father was the guardian of the Secret and before he knew it, Evil began to play it’s brutal game. He was made to flee for his life and found himself alone in an unknown land . Will he survive as a nobody? Will he rebuke his true identity? Will he challenge his past and accept what it brings? In his struggle, will he realize the real reason behind his birth… so that once again he can ROARRR!