Redefining Bollywood musicals

The world’s most prolific dream factory is not located in Hollywood, as Americans might assume, but in the western Indian city of Bombay, or Mumbai, home to a sprawling production center known as “Bollywood”. India’s film industry is a relentless machine, cranking out epic romantic fancy at a breakneck pace. Movie musicals used to have a place in Hollywood, but nowadays the place to see movie musicals on a regular basis is in Bollywood. Bollywood musicals are about the music and dance, artistically crafted in to an enthralling story, all as part of the performance. Bollywood wave of influence among main stream America, is building.

Solskrit – a San Francisco Bay Area company focuses on producing extravagant high quality Bollywood Musical productions. Solskrit is the new venture from the experienced team of Gurus of Dance who are very well known for producing 8 sold out Bollywood Musicals over the past 3 years.