Inspired by the world of Bollywood, Solskrit, produced the biggest Bollywood Musical in the Bay area! ‘Genie- the magic within’ – an Aladdin adaptation.

About the Musical:

Meet Ali, an orphan, born and raised in the slums of Mumbai, who has a knack for always getting in trouble, no matter how noble his intentions are. And everyone hates him for that! As the story unfolds, Ali mysteriously rises to fame and power from being an absolute nobody. However, this comes with a price that he couldn’t have imagined. Join Ali and his friends, in their exciting journey of an array of adventures, filled with thrills and close encounters. Come watch this much awaited Bollywood Musical production and enter a world beyond your imagination, full of excitement and enchantment. Experience “Genie” and its “Touch of Magic”, and be a part of a fun filled experience, as talented actors and dancers tell you a fresh new story that has never been told. This production will entertain your senses with vibrant colors, dynamic music, electrifying energy, vivacious performers, unforgettable moments and fun times! Come laugh with us, cry with us and allow us to remind you about the beauty of life and dreams.

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