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Dance and Acting Academy

  • Interested in setting free your inner creativity? Passionate, driven, looking for the right troupe and guru to nurture and grow your nascent talent?
  • Join our Dance and Acting Academy to reach and surpass your wildest dreams!


Bollywood Musical Productions

  • Lights, Sound...Action!!! Take your creativity to the next level by immersing yourself in the Solskrit experience.
  • Be an integral part of a movement that aims to shake up Broadway, dancing & acting with the best of the best in elaborate and incredibly entertaining Bollywood musicals!



  • America's first Rain Dance Holi event.
  • Experience dancing in the rain with vibrant bursts of color drifting through the sunny, fresh air on a warm bayarea afternoon...
  • Sold out for the past 5 years, be a part of the incredible, soul shaking, inhibition breaking, unforgettable SplashoMania phenomenon!!!